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The sleep protocol and the challenges of the natives against nature

By James Komolafe, Phd


  • The sleep protocol in the 21st century has been a dicey issue across various platforms. We have witnessed the good, bad and the ugly, frequenting individuals, noticeable in the homes and adopted as lifestyle by people.
  • To many natives out there, sleep is a luxury, while to others it’s fun and yet to some others, it’s a fight. The salient truth is this- You are to enjoy sleep and not to endure it.
  • What is sleep regimen? It is the basic outline and practices that has become a common day habit…guiding the activities of sleep, before, on and after for which the individual is either in control or been controlled. Checking for poor or great sleep is a direct reflection of one’s sleep regimen.
  • 10 great factors stand out for a great sleep regimen. A professional diagnosis via SMAT 101. The facts, figures and the flimsy excuses.

Sleep Protocol Analysis and Reports: A pragmatic approach!!!!!!!

You are expected to download and answer these 10 fundamental questions

Partake in the assessment- Sleep Mastery Assessment Test(SMAT 101). Submit your analysis for evaluation and treatment.It would clearly show your result analysis of the sleep regimen in perspective. What you are loosening and gaining dynamics is spelt out. The energy building mechanics via sleep due to certain causative factors are identified and rectified in most cases without drugs.

The SMAT 101 result would reveal the extent to which your result is sustainable or not- whether in the intermediate and long term basis

Detention cluster for example portends a “reckless” sleep condition not by design but via a retinue of long time permissible. This could be a clarion call to urgent comprehensive behavioral procedures.

 Most times for poor sleep regimen, most of the variables are skewed towards the lower trend of active engagement; meaning that personal efforts to procure treatment have not yielded much over time.

 Behavioral anomaly in most cases doesn’t feature in terms of immediate consequence; its workings could be deeply entrenched within for undue accumulation.

You may be good at some other personal lifestyle protocols but high deficiency in sleep,   SMAT 101would reveal this trajectory.

Your sleep regimen over time could show a deplorable situation needing to be crashed and reconstructed through basic psychotherapeutic intervention.

A long time sleep regimen has been in place over time as a behavioral imposter which must be dethroned and reconstituted.

 Sleep mastery in the abnormalsense of it could look okay on the surface but hold great damages for the vital hygiene protocols.

  • How restful and fresh when awake matters a bunch for great and adequate sleep; every great sleep is seen not only by the science of it, it is also for the art of it. Beyond the resources of sleep is the resultant effect of sleep. A sense of freshness and rest is integral for great sleep, mentally, emotionally and physically. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed could mean restlessness and ruggedness after waking up.
  • Environmental conduciveness; every form of disturbing scenario must be avoided, emotionally, physically and otherwise. Both internal and external environment is vital for great sleep; to avoid emotional distortion, mental distraction through analytical thinking and reasoning. Make this your modal mark.
  • Observance; regularity of sleep protocol and observance is great. This helps to fix the routine of sleep. Invest better into sleep procedure than the haphazard one. The regular pattern of sleep promotes great sleep than the irregular.
  • Accuracy and adequacy quotient; a great sleep is an adequate sleep that is also accurate to time. Sleeping less than 7-8 hours in a long time could endanger restful sleep.
  • Sleeping without hang-ups; several mental and emotional hang ups, violation and deviations can cause sleep deprivation. A troubled mind can lead to an agitated emotion that could introduce worries and anxieties into sleep disposition. Avoid all back logs of activities.
  • Investible sleep conditioning; many people see sleep as a mere activity that waste time and so they don’t invest into sleep. Investing in sleep means, seeing the output of sleep in building great energies, allowing for body building and vital metabolic process. Conditioning the approach to bed on a favorable note, settles the resolve of the mind for quality sleep.
  • Daily equilibrium balance; a great sleep is not the one that wakes into worries. Sleep enables one ability, activity and reality to attain harmony. Where everything needing to be removed is removed and everything needing to be restored in the mind is restored. Sleep that is great defines personal balance in order to allow for harmony with one self.
  • Enjoyed and not endured sleep; a great sleep is an interesting sleep void of crisis. Before, on or after, it is enjoyed and not endured.
  • Absence of sleep deficit; great sleep does not accumulate sleep pattern in arrears. It is a timely observance without back logs. At least for 6-8 hours consecutively. Avoid sleep delays while we construct the obvious.
  • Mastery over symptoms of deprivation; control measure, whether intentional or unintentional, an individual must know and be in charge of sleep deprived symptoms, whether intentional, inadvertent or disorders.

Summary of a specimen simple highlights of procedures intervention

Proposed duration of comprehensive procedures

1. Behavioral   Analysis & Psycho-synthesis

2. Personal violation, deprivation tracking and tracing

3. Discovering the gap analysis and content complicit

4. Emptying the deprivation gap and leveling up the gap

5. Crashing the deviant age-long sleep regimen

6. Internal Frameworks for External Fireworks

7. Installing and instituting a functional sleep operating system in tandem with demographic group.

Each of these 7 procedures has their various practical and assignments

Preliminaries to behavioral intervention for bad sleep pattern.

Reconstructing and restoring sleep protocol for wellness and optimal productivity.

Welcome to this preliminary session you can start asking yourself for sleep deprivation? You can send your details too ;

  1. Brief bio-history.
  2. Short history of the deprivation.
  3. Mention 5 noticeable impacts over time.
  4. When best are you available for therapist and allied procedures.
  5. What is your best means of communication and effective conversation now?
  6. Will like to know your feelings during the day and at night? Briefly
  7. What is any associated phobia alongside deprivation?
  8. What has been your coping mechanism around sleep difficulties?
  9. Share with us few bio history of when you are worst hit by the malaise.
  10. What is your attention span at the moment for the intervention per session?
  11. What have been your stop gap measures in the absence of sleep?
  12. To what extent can we have your attention during intervention and what could distract you?
  13. What are your current ailments?
  14. Are you on any sedatives? Please mention.
  15. Giving your predisposition, how many hours do you want to start sleeping?

YOU CAN SEND YOUR ANSWERS TO Also for you Participate in a Zoom Meeting Interactive segments this Saturday, 26th March, 2022 . Prepare to ask your questions and receive answers on the spot.

TITLE: SLEEP PROTOCOL; ADDRESSING THE ASSOCIATED CHALLENGES  ByDr James Komolafe            10AM -12 Noon on this zoom link

ZOOM ID: 839 4301 7991


Other highlights of the discussion would include:

15 common sleep abuses

5 Killer sleep protocols and how to walk away

Sleeping and talking…etc ..Opportunities for questions and Answers shall be provided

For further enquiries as to marshal and manifest your personal, family and organizational sleep framework contact me via +2348035999220; Attention: Dr James Komolafe.

Last line

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Dr. James Komolafe, PhD in Behavioral Health is Consultant Behaviorist /CEO, SABA Resources Psychosocial Intervention Hub, Suite 8-9, Fatima Plaza, Beside First Bank Plc, Mambolo Street, Wuse Zone 2, Abuja Nigeria … A multipurpose Centre for personal and organization wellness handling the GOOD (cases of definition)BAD( cases of violation) and the UGLY ( cases of deviation). YouTube Channel: James Komolafe Twitter@coachkomolafeTelephone 08035999220

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