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About Us

NatureNews is an independent online newspaper based in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. It was founded on the principles of fundamental rights in line with the United Nations’ conventions. It also subscribes to journalistic ethics on fairness and objectivity in the dissemination of news and opinions without attachment to parochial sentiments. 

It is here to fill the void that is inherent in the negligible reportage of the environment by news media who mostly focus on other endeavours. NatureNews believes that politics, business, sports and entertainment can only thrive in a sustainable environment.

We will report credible news and ventilate informed commentaries that will elicit frank debates on national commitments to global actions for the protection of the environment.

NatureNews will support national advocacy for implementation of agreed global solutions on environmental challenges. It will harness work of stakeholders in the environment and bring together professional groups in the sector to articulate their concerns and network with government. 

It will offer opportunities for all actors and solution providers to amplify innovations that will make the earth a living environment. Ultimately it is expected to set global agenda on germane issues towards the attainment of a safer world.

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