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Fact- check:Is natures warning signals fact or myth


Rashidat Oladele 


Claim: Lightning and thunderstorms are signaled by nature. A video featuring nature’s impending danger was posted to YouTube by @Wirldworld. The voiceover describes some of the events in the video, such as tourists’ hair standing up in the Gobi desert in Mongolia, which is typically concerning because it indicates lightning will strike in a matter of minutes.


The video, which has already received 627 thousand likes, 7,000 comments, and 11 million views, says that the reaction is thought to be caused by air ionization during a storm because electrically charged hair strands stand on end in response to the stimulus of the fictitious event. Inactive subscribers on the page number over 264 thousand. 


According to fact-checking, done by NatureNews, the top nature publication in Africa, that is dedicated to providing accurate insights to stop the spread of false information, particularly among users of social media.


Findings: NatureFact, the fact-checking unit of NatureNews, investigated using the Google search tool and Certain articles support the assertions made in the video.

The fact that trees burn silently for days before going on a rampage in the forest, making forest fires difficult to control, was one of the many claims of nature warning. 

A live video of a lady whose hair stand in warning of a thunderstorm in the link below to get a visual perspective of the claim apparently because of the material the human hair is made up it picks Electron faster serving as a warning bell to vacate such area or seek cover.


Verdict: True




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