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Destinations That Protect Environment, Culture, And Communities

By Ojugbele Omotunde

Sustainable travel is gaining popularity due to growing environmental consciousness and the desire for eco-friendly travel options that minimize environmental impact.

Tour operators who uphold local traditions, promote communities, and preserve the environment are at the forefront of sustainable travel, and they are indispensable to the cause.

They encourage environmental efforts, hire guides from the area, assist local artists, and reduce garbage and with this strategy, tourists are drawn in who knows their travels will benefit society.

Green travel accommodations, such as water conservation, recycling initiatives, hotels with low energy usage, and renewable energy sources, are also becoming more and more popular as they minimize ecological footprints while offering immersive natural experiences, eco-lodges and sustainable retreats are likewise becoming more and more popular.

By encouraging eco-friendly means of transportation including walking, cycling, and even participating in carbon offset programs, as well as more environmentally friendly forms of transportation like buses and trains, sustainable travel also seeks to lower carbon emissions.

In order to ensure that local communities benefit from tourism activities, sustainable travel also entails social sustainability, supporting regional companies, artists, and cultural projects, and interacting with them.

There are some austainable travel destinations that promote eco-friendly activities like wildlife watching, hiking, cultural tours and avoids animal exploitation or habitat destruction.

With the aim to integrate environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and community engagement into their tourism strategies, these destinations includes.


With an emphasis on environmentally friendly projects and ethical tourism, Norway is at the forefront of sustainable travel. The country places a high priority on sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and the preservation of its distinctive ecosystems. Travelers supports sustainable travel practices while taking in the stunning fjords, going whale watching, or seeing the enchanting Northern Lights.

New Zealand

New Zealand is dedicated to protecting its natural treasures through eco-friendly tourism, in part because of its breathtaking scenery. The country supports conservation efforts, eco-friendly travel and lodging, and ethical outdoor recreation and while taking in the beauty of this unique nation, tourists can engage in outdoor pursuits including hiking, kayaking, bicycling, and wildlife encounters.


Iceland, a country renowned for its beautiful scenery and unspoiled natural beauty, has advanced significantly in the field of sustainable tourism. The country encourages responsible outdoor recreation, uses renewable energy sources, and provides eco-friendly lodging. While supporting ecological methods, travelers can take advantage of geothermal baths, treks on glaciers, and the Northern Lights.


This tiny Himalayan country has taken a novel approach to environmentally friendly travel by putting Gross National Happiness (GNH) above GDP. Bhutan places a strong emphasis on high-value, low-impact tourism that preserves the environment and preserves cultural traditions. Travelers can stroll through pristine woods, discover historic monasteries, and enjoy the warmth of traditional Bhutanese hospitality.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well known for its dedication to environmental preservation and ethical behavior, and it is frequently praised as a global leader in sustainable tourism. The country is home to an extensive network of protected areas, eco-friendly lodging options, and national parks.

In addition to taking part in community-based tourism and wildlife conservation efforts, tourists can visit verdant jungles.

All these destinations offer eco friendly travel by providing sustainable accommodations, carbon emission reduction and also tours that upholds nature and culture.


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