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World Tsunami Day: Need for more awareness

World Tsunami Day is observed every year on November 5 with the aim of promoting a global culture of tsunami awareness around the world.
This was started by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2015. which simplifies a series of giant waves caused by earthquakes or undersea volcanic eruptions and underwater landslides.
This year theme focused on Global Target E of the Sendai Framework which increases the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies by 2020, with a specific focus on two-key components essential to the setup and effective maintenance of risk reduction strategies and their adoption by vulnerable communities indicated by scientific expertise and indigenous knowledge and memory.

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Speaking with NatureNews, an environmentalist Emeka Thomas stated that it has been reported that tsunami gives notification before occuring, and during the notification care must be taken at all cost to avoid the areas.
“When a sea gives an unsual or sudden moves, it shows that something bad might happen which is wave.”
He added, “wave is a disaster that anyone cannot survive except luck, no swimming out of tsunami because it happens most time suddenly, therefore being a swimmer doesn’t grantee your escape during tsunami attack.”
In a similar statement, Goodwill Fred
Said that tsunami can move in four general stages — initiation, split, amplification, and run-up.
He said, “it is good to always avoid places like ocean, beach during rainy session because not everyone knows the stages of tsunami before it occurs, it is a very bad disaster which causes great loss of lives and properties, a violent flooding which has great energy to travel far and height making it difficult for people around at a certain time to escape.”
He said m, “Though tsunami isn’t common in Nigeria, we need to keep doing the awarenesses for the coming generations.”

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