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The only boiling river in the world steams like sauna

By Ben Atonko

The “only boiling river in the world” that steams is a tributary of the Amazon River.
The river which has two names — the Shanay-Timpishka and La Bomba is 6.4 km long.
It is known for the very high temperature of its waters—from 45°C to nearly 100°C.
The Shanay-Timpishka is located in the Mayantuyacu sanctuary, part of the Huánuco high forest. The area is inhabited by an Asháninka community.
Interestingly, it is a natural feature: a non-volcanic, geothermal feature flowing at anomalously high rates.
It is said that the Boiling River resulted when a company drilling for gas accidentally ruptured a geothermal system in 2007 in Lusi, Indonesia.
Local shamans believe that the boiling water is birthed by Yucamama, a giant serpent spirit known as the “Mother of the Waters”.
Researchers say the river maintains its high temperature despite not being near any known active volcanoes or geothermal vents, which normally provide geothermal heating for groundwater.
The Shanay-Timpishka streams like a giant outdoor sauna and it has been a place of attraction to tourists.
Tourists must be very cautious lest they get burnt in the hot water. Animals that stray into it get boiled.
Unfortunately, the Shanay-Timpishka is losing vegetation.
According to National Geographic, it is in fact the local native population which carries out most of the deforestation around the area.
Up to 99 percent of deforestation around the Boiling River is caused by locals felling the larger and more expensive trees, then clear burning the rest.
A local oil and gas company called Maple Energy has in fact, taken to protecting some of the jungle around the area.

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