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Native with nature

By James Komolafe

Welcome to this maiden episode. It is indeed a native with nature via behavioral modification pattern and arrangement that packages to manage in order to avoid the damage of the ecosystem.

The behavior of man has a direct impact on the environment for which his daily vibration finds harmony as against conflict. From the dawn of creation, nature has been a close ally to man in his capacity to “dress and to keep it”!…for shape, productivity in sustainability and beauty. As soon as man became a living soul, he was soon transited into the Garden of Eden for the very first time to cohere with nature as the first native…a lively substance. He had to harmonize the ecosystem and became the change agent in the garden.
To better understand the nexus between native and nature is to look at the word “BEHAVE” where BE + HAVE describe the capacity of man to influence the environment where he operates. BE = The power of being. HAVE= The understanding of what he possesses on a natural consequence.
Man’s completion funds and complements with nature as he acknowledges his identity and harness his authority given what he possess on the land and the general environment.
The internal environment of man underscores his identity while the external environment establishes his authority anytime, any day. As long as he is available and feasible nature supports him to succeed in his own definite niche. Every human being who identifies his individuality has always enjoyed the ambience of nature. By behavior, man has always sharpened and shaped nature in 10 critical ways viz:

  1. Completion: Man builds and burns energy just as he breathes in oxygen to take out carbon dioxide; what he gives out creates the process of photosynthesis with the plants as he manufactures his food
  2. Consolidation: The integrity of nature is seen and reinforced by the intention of man. Check this any day; when man’s participation is withdrawn over time from a common use age, the earth and nature drops through. E.g. when you live a house uninhabited for a while, depreciation sets in after a while. The integrity of the house or building begins to wane and certain cracks develop over time.
  3. Contribution: Check this out any day. Every activity of man in value creation and value chain reality is the one making contributions. Behavioral modification by man bespeaks the earth winning and working for man. While man by behavior polishes his earth, the earth in turn throws him up to relevance.
  4. Conditioning: Nativity with nature begins here. By what man does or fails to do is the nature impacted. Men rework the terrains and restructure the environment for fit and function. Thus, he becomes a perfect blend with nature he conquers. Consider the great architecture and the agrarian fields and the great stocks of farming.
  5. Concession; Everyman who conquers nature through creativity has always paid his dues and thus rewarded for the effort. Look at the media and telecoms for example, the air and space conquered and converted becomes a launch pad for value upon which a concessioning is made possible. A new sense of behavior on nature on a positive note impacts it for production.
  6. Convergence; A harmonious bed of relationship is born by behavioral convergence. Man makes nature happen while nature in turn makes man grow. The marriage of possibility between the native and nature is the ‘manage propensity’. This is nativity at its peak by the virtue of acclimatization. This geo-behavioral intimacy creates harmony that strengthens the duo in a multiplier effect.
  7. Confederation: Understanding my nature as man creates value worth and not just to add value. A backward and forward integration quotient is developed, delivered and domesticated through worthy appeals. Nature leverages the nativity of man for a synergetic difference. The jobs are created; the veritable works are crafted out in spite of the unique understanding. In short, where the natives mingle well nature, the outcome of the union is always more than the sum of the individuality. Fixing properly into nature as a native transforms a man from an individual to become an institution.
  8. Critical connection: The potential in man coupled with the capacity to marshal relevant energies on the earth forms the critical mass of magnificent reckoning. The earth and the environment have a way of supporting man’s vibrational intensities in his daily manifesting. As soon as the frequency of man’s energy aligns with the natural order of the universe, abundance is supplied and enjoyed by man for balance and relevance.
  9. Construction: As nation rises nature is explored and exploited in massive action plans (MAP). There can be no construction without the initial conception. Nature becomes a birthplace for effective deliveries; a destination of veritable worth via overhauled behavioral patterns. What is that dream concept? Do you carry a flow within? Then you have a floor for manifestation. Stop the blame game and bring out your wares as you transact with nature and other natives
  10. Credibility: Legacy creation becomes an overwhelming mode via man’s behavior for participation in the environment. Man deploys his competence and capacities to make a long lasting legacy a worthy appeal. This is the secret of great brands like Microsoft, Google, and Apple among many others. Age long credibility meets with sound integrity to create complements for local and international ends- meeting needs, creating the interventions and providing through space and time the much desired solutions.
    Last line
    Do you know that nature is always expecting from you and never against you? What do you have to offer as a role player in nature? The power of your alignment is Germaine to self-expression that translates the seeds of critical thinking into great destinations without the seams. Thus, nature is the womb taking in great concepts for multiple deliveries. Give your own “seeds” through intimate blending and bonding with nature…Knowing that the universe carries your own abundance and it is always working for you via your vibration. Manifest your energies and get set for new leases in full participation. Frankly, it’s time to win with nature.
    To be continued.

    Komolafe is a Doctor of Behavioral Health/CEO School of Articulation and Behavioral Alignment Resources 08035999220

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