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How Parents and Care givers can identify Drug and substance abuse among their wards and children; common place phenomenon among natives

by Dr James Komolafe


Our society today is riddled with drug and substance abuse across all meaningful demography without abating. The wave of tramadol, Refnol and other psychoactive substances ingested per day without wave is reaching an astronomical height in our society. This malaise explains the rationale behind widespread violence, insurgency and all sorts of bad behaviour in the society. People take to drugs illegitimately because of so many reasons. The havoc associated with drug is enormous and that determines a whole lot in the nation.

THE United Nations, UN, Tuesday told the National Assembly that Nigeria has been categorized as the highest in Drug use prevalence rate in the world with 14.3%  as against 5.3% for the entire global community.

Available statistics showed that there are 14.4million drug users in Nigeria and 14 .3% prevalence rates, adding that this is higher than the global statistics of 5.3% drug use prevalence rate. Many of our youths indulge in drugs from the North to the South, East to West.


 *Recognizing 50 red alerts for drug and substance abuse*


Where 3 to 5 of these is happening in your child or ward, there is the likelihood of drug or substance abuse.

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*You can also run the reality check to confirm  assertion yourself.

Dr James Komolafe. CEO SABA resources. Chief Psychometrician

He is Registrar/ CEO  Institute Of Behavioral Alignment of Nigeria


 *Reach us ASAP on +2348035999220 if you can identify 3-5 of these ills in your ward or child* …..

1. Indecent  / unguarded Talk

2. Inappropriate Activity

3.Sudden Change of Behaviour

4. Sudden  Disorganization

5. Disregard  for Normal  Protocol

6. Abuse of Standard

7. Ignore  of Lifestyle  Habit

8. Unguarded straying

9. Withdrawal  Symptoms/ syndrome

10. Wrong  Company

11. Mood Swings

12 Irregular Eye Condition

13.Withdrawal from Basic Etiquette

14. Sudden  Stealing Habit

15. Unguarded Expenditure

16.Vulgar Languages

17.Sudden  Fake Boldness

18. Uncontrollable Failure in School

19. Inability to Concentrate

20. Short  Fuses

21. Smelly Mouth

22. Unnecessary Strain

23. Secret Activities

24. Sudden Fear

25. Sudden Flight

26. Heady/ Stubborn

27. Impulsive

28. Abstaining  from Food or Over eating

29 Moral Decadence

30. Cheating

31. Lying / Falsehood

32. Inciting

33. Desperate

34. Truancy

35. Loneliness

36. Haphazardness

37. Lopsidedness

38. Wicked


40 Garrulous/ Talkativeness

41. Not taking to correction

42. Always begging

43. Pale appearance

44. General unhappiness

45. Self talk

46. Perambulating

47. Making secret calls

48. Selling properties

49. Frequent apologies

50. Undetected sickness

Why drugs and substance abuse? People take to drugs because of the following reasons……

  1. Perceived ‘assumed benefits’
  2. Temporary Respite
  3. The need to feelhigh with dastard consequences
  4. To Cover Up Depression
  5. Be Like Others; Peer Pressure
  6. Ignorance of Action
  7. Habits of Decadence
  8. Moral Decadence
  9. Identity Crisis
  10. No Sustainable Personal Framework

11. Personal Protocol Failure.

12.. Heavy Weight on Curative Therapies

13. Poorly Managed Preventive Therapies

14. The Loss of Community

15. Polluted Societal Norms

16. Parental Irresponsibility.

17. Ignorance of Repercussion

18. Absence of Profiling Machinery

19. Shabby Policy Decision and Implementation of Government

20. Poorly Managed Curriculum

21. Unemployment/Poor Deployment of Culture

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Last line

Join in our bid to raising an advocacy against sudden collapses in 7 critical thematic areas-  i. Lifestyle collapse, ii. Lifespan collapse iii. Process collapse, iv. Relationship collapse, v. Responsibility collapse, vi. Collapses into ‘High Blood Pressure’  vii. Kidney collapse.  We can save Africa as we together flaunt this as an initiative…Africa shall be saved and Nigeria has a greater future: It is time to “Save Africans From The Sudden Collapses!!!!!! To be continued….

Dr. James Komolafe, PhD in Behavioral Health is Consultant Behaviorist /CEO, SABA Resources Psychosocial Intervention Hub, Suite 8-9, Fatima Plaza, Beside First Bank Plc, Mambolo Street, Wuse Zone 2, Abuja Nigeria … A multipurpose Centre for personal and organization wellness handling the GOOD (cases of definition)BAD( cases of violation) and the UGLY ( cases of deviation). YouTube Channel: James Komolafe Twitter@coachkomolafe Telephone 08035999220

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