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East Africa’s Great Lakes Flamingos Face Threats from Rising Water Levels

The iconic pink flamingos, gracing East Africa’s Great Lakes with their vibrant presence, are now under serious threat.

A groundbreaking study by King’s College London, published in Current Biology, unveils the dramatic impact of rising water levels on these birds’ feeding grounds in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

This research, which spans 23 years, employs satellite data to assess the environmental changes affecting the flamingos’ habitats.

The most pressing issue identified in the research, is the significant reduction in phytoplankton biomass in the region’s soda lakes.

Phytoplankton, a critical food source for flamingos, has been dwindling due to the dilution of the lakes’ unique chemical composition by rising water levels.

The study highlights an alarming decrease in chlorophyll concentrations, falling by an average of 3.9 mg per m3 annually since 1999.

This decline in phytoplankton directly threatens the flamingos’ food supply and, consequently, their survival, the study noted.

The diminishing food resources are likely to force flamingos to seek new habitats, potentially in areas lacking protection. Such movements could expose them to new dangers, further disrupting their ecological stability.

The researchers emphasize the need for international cooperation in conservation efforts, improved land management practices, and robust monitoring systems to mitigate these impacts.

The call to action is clear: governments, conservation bodies, scientists, and communities must collaborate to devise and implement strategies tailored to combat climate change effects.

Ensuring the long-term survival of East Africa’s flamingos will require a concerted effort to be protect their delicate ecosystems and adapt to the evolving environmental landscape.


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