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Nigerian Conservationist Rescues Wildlife and Inspires Change

Chinedu Mogbo, a Nigerian wildlife enthusiast and conservationist, has dedicated his life to giving wild animals and mistreated pets a second chance of survival.

His passion for the natural world began at a young age, and he was fascinated by birds, lizards, and insects.

This curiosity and wonder led him to establish the Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative in Lagos, Nigeria, where he rescues animals and provides them with a safe space to thrive.

Here are some key points about Chinedu Mogbo and his work:

Despite having a diverse educational background in biomedical science, public health, and medicine from prestigious universities in the UK and Grenada, Mogbo’s true calling lies in animals and nature.

His name, which means “God leads me” in Igbo (his native language), reflects his commitment to wildlife conservation.

“I watched animal documentaries, visited zoos and wildlife centres, and collected ants in a jam jar,” Mogbo recalls his childhood.

“Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by the birds, lizards, and insects around me,” Mogbo explains. “I loved caring for them and learning about them.”

Mogbo established the Green Fingers Sanctuary, which serves as both an animal haven and an educational center. The sanctuary caters to at least 150 animals of more than 40 different species, including pangolins.

Many of these animals were rescued from perilous situations, while others were brought in specifically for educational purposes.

Mogbo’s rescue mission takes him to different locations in Nigeria, where he saves animals from hunters, habitat loss due to human encroachment, and other threats.

His unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation aims to reverse the impact of habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict.

Beyond saving individual animals, Mogbo hopes to inspire a new generation of conservationists and change-makers. By educating and empowering young people, he believes we can create a more sustainable future for all.

His programs are designed to foster a love of nature, curiosity, and a sense of responsibility toward wildlife.

Rescuing animals in Nigeria is not without challenges, but Mogbo remains dedicated to making a better place for animals to thrive.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating wildlife and advocates for proper conservation practices in his home country.

Chinedu Mogbo’s work exemplifies the impact that passionate individuals can have on wildlife conservation, even in challenging environments.

His efforts to protect Nigeria’s precious wildlife serve as an inspiration for others to join the cause and ensure a greener and wilder future


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