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Critical ways by which nature frowns at her natives.


Nature and natives are 2 inseparable entities. They have been age long allies from time immemorial. Their relationship has been somewhat intimate both in principle and in practice. The authenticity of their relationship and the audacity of responsibilities towards each other on the other hand is such a one that times and seasons have not been able to undermine.

Both the green and grey areas of their mutual existence have overtime contributed immensely to sponsoring the beauty, quality and sincerity of their interaction. The common place observation is that when nature sneezes, the natives would catch the cold, and in the other way round, when nature beats the drum, the natives also dance.

Every native interacts with nature whether as an individual or as a member of her critical stakeholdersas he responds to the yearnings and motivation of nature either covertly or overtly. In the actual fact, the beauty of nature is seen in the manifest works of her citizen while the beauty of a particular citizen that doubles as nativesreflectsin the splendid emergence of nature. Both nature and her natives operate a symbiotic relationship of value and virtue in everyday life. Thus, appreciating nature and her various ‘incomes’ and outcomes has become the highest premium the natives can pay as a credible compensation to nature.

Be that as it may, when the natives per chance lookthe other way in arbitrary decision just to violate nature and despise her appeals and motivations, nature has a way of paying back in the same coin. He frowns at the natives in many ways. There is the dearth of intimacy and widespread denial of benefits and benevolence.

10 ways where nature frowns at her natives

  1. Overdo; nature frowns at her natives at the point of overdo.  A state of action that impacts so seriously on nature in a negative order. Whenever you engage in an “overdo”on natureas a native, you stand to depresses and disallows it from its usual tendencies. Many issues of unguarded deforestation, excessive arson, rowdiness noise pollution in all forms and shapes disturb and distort nature. These unethical behaviors among others constitutes the various overtures and other incidences of overdo to nature  goes back to affect man as natives.

Question: Check yourself in 5 ways of violation to nature through the “overdo tendencies. What are the impact on you and other humans?

  • Overcome; many natives afflict nature by subverting and sabotaging her authority for expression; they de-bar nature the opportunity to be and become its best through wrongful conversion. Some natives depress the call of nature in their bodies through ignore and ignorance- which also has its own implications, e.g. retaining or delaying urination, refusal to drink water until when very thirsty…. and many other behavioral violations areall abuse of nature. Make up your mind as natives to allow nature play its vital role through communication, cooperation and convergence.Mention 5 ways you have been sabotaging nature.
  • Overturn; nature has virtues whose values are of invaluable proportion. Many natives are found of overturning the natural traits and attributes of nature into something else. Know this for sure, anything you do that alters the characteristics of nature in order to take undue advantage of its simplicity is an overturn. People deliberately refuse to sleep, while others convert hours of sleep and rest to violence. This is outrageous to nature.Mention 5 areas you have been overturning nature; consciously or unconsciously.
  • Overrun; many natives are fond of overrunning nature as they make natural phenomenon look unnatural. They are full of efforts trying torearrange the order of nature through domination and subjugation. These are the days when natives build inside canals and living right inside the gully as though nature is completely oblivious of their action. By the time nature pays them in their coin, they begin a stretch of complains and resort to a series of fire brigade approaches.Mention 5 areas you are overrunning nature within and without.
  • Overwhelm; the overwhelming influence of the natives (including you a times) is becoming unbearable for nature.Violating a natural tendency on few occasions without instant repercussion is not a license to continue in error and abuse. For example, many accumulate waste around their environment and practice unethical waste disposal.Refuse dumping along ditches, blocking of troughs and wanton destructionof vegetation for an activity that is of less importance to nature has been the overwhelming bane.Mention 5 ways by which you are overwhelming nature.
  • Overpower; many a time, the force of nature is been overpowered by some natives.They take decision rashly and abrasively that leaves nature helpless. Such decisions in effect call for widespread concern by people around them and the society at large. Certain conversion principles of some natives call for questioning. The ozone layer depletion for example is and the widespread gases flaring activities in some part of the country have caused more debilitating havocs and harm than good.Mention 5 areas where you constantly violate and overpower nature.
  • Overdose; nature support her natives when the right things are done at the right time for the right reasons.Where nature has continued to endure several vices and deviant behaviors on a serial note from her natives; the scenario becomes an absurdity. Many people are trapped in overdose. Excessive consumption of sugar, salt, liquor, nicotine that threatens their existence has become a die-hard habit to many. Many have gone under duress on a permanent note and have lost their control over nature forever. They depend on supports and external aid which are just palliatives until they transit to the world. Mention 5 areas you have been overdosed on nature.
  • Overreact;Many natives are caught in overreacting to issues concerning nature. Nature cannot be hurried in too many instances. Many flout the established protocols and procedures set by nature just because they want the shortcut. Withdrawals, the acceptance of the wrong attitude as the right one has an overbearing effect on nature. Natural responses leads to loss of control, beautiful scenarios are crushed down just at the instance of few dissidents; even authorities clamp down on certain structures without wane, reducing the previously beautiful edifices to mere recluse.How well do you have control over your anger? Mention 5 areas you are overreacting
  • Overview– Some natives a times have a way of over amplifying the status of nature. They subject the forces of nature to feeling of worthlessness and helplessness with a little or no courage to fight for nature to retaliate immediately? Vast arable lands are turned into mere fallow grounds without the harnessing of its potentials. Unproductive ventures are raised in the thick jungles without recourse to maintenance and utility function. Policy initiatives having to do with nature suffer subsidence and colossal waste due to wrong emphasis. Mention 5 areas you have been negatively overview nature.
  1. Overthrow-Coup against nature is outright overthrow of the natural resources. Certain activity on the land for example could create a permanent damage on the terrain; when it is as though all hope is lost, the activity of natureparalyzed and reality is doomed. To overthrow nature is to install rigour and pain in the daily equation of life. Avoid this outright. Work in cooperation with nature and realize the full import of her deliveries as natives. You have more to gain in harmony with nature than taking a side in acrimony against nature. Mention 5 ways in which you have consistently defied nature.

The last line:

Nature is never against anyone. Why would you allow it to frown at you in the first place? A man only reaps what he sows. In like manner, doing the right thing with nature endears one to life and productivity without the hassles. Being natural opens the doorway to other states of existence. Do you desire to harmonize with nature and tap into the abundance it has for you? Then send all your answers to for behavioral analysis and modification. The universe carries you abundance and always working for you as you connect with the right energy vibration. To be continued.

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