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Buhari calls for inclusion of gender policies to address climate change

By Nneka Nwogwugwu

President Muhammadu Buhari has called for the inclusion of gender policies that will address all issues connected to climate action, from mitigation to resilience.

Buhari said this during his address at the United Nations General Assembly last Friday.

According to him, “the impact of climate change is already with us in Nigeria, manifesting in various ways: conflicts trigger; food insecurity, drying up of lakes; loss of livelihood, and youth migration, among others.

“The trend is the same in many other countries that are threatened by forest fires, rising sea levels, drought and desertification.

“In the circumstances, we intend to build a climate-resilient economy that effectively aligns with the SDGs and that has great potentials to unlocking the full opportunities in different sectors of the economy, while protecting the resources for present and future generations.

“I know, in several ways, this is also a familiar story in many countries.”

The president also informed that the Nigerian government is working on a transition to low carbon economy, consistent with achieving the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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