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African bush mango known by many as wild mango is an edible fruit of the African tree Irvingia gabonensis. It has an edible mango-like fruit and consumed for their protein and fat rich nuts/seeds. African bush mango tree grows in tropical wet and dry climate zones.

African bush mango fruits are consumed by man and mammals and are seen mostly in Africa. The fruits are processed into other food products and also used in making drinks. The seeds are roasted and consumed and extracted for their oil which are used for cooking. They are called Ugiri, Apon and Dika locally and mostly harvested for their seeds (Ogbono) more than their fruits.

Bush mango have excellent nutritional value. They contains fibre, anti-oxidants, vitamins and loads of minerals. Their anti-oxidative properties aids in protecting the body organs from Oxidative damages and improves normal body functions. It’s rich fibre helps to keep you full and reduce your food intake. It also improves the gut health. This can help in effective weight management. Fibres generally, help to improve the digestive tract, eases constipation and lowers stomach ulcer.

African Bush Mango facilitate the reduction of low density lipoprotein also known as bad cholesterol and improves the high level lipoprotein that are good for the heart health. It contains Iron that helps in the flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body.

African Bush Mango exhibits antimicrobial qualities, it reduces the effects of microbes on wounds and is most effective in reducing pains and healing of wounds. The fruits, leaves and seed extracts are used traditionally to treat infections affecting the ear and also for blood clotting.

All parts of the African Bush Mango tree are useful in the preparing of traditional medicine. The seed commonly called Ogbono is grounded and used in soup as thickener in the popular “Ogbono Soup”. The seeds can be processed for oil in cooking and used in cosmetics.

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