Business is booming.

Abuja Experiences Growth in Horticulture, Gardening

By Grace Samuel

The Abuja region is currently witnessing a remarkable surge in the popularity of horticulture and gardening.

This burgeoning trend is not merely about embellishing spaces with aesthetically pleasing flower arrangements; it extends far beyond, encompassing various health and environmental benefits that contribute to our overall well-being.

In an exclusive interview conducted on Wednesday, at BUA Estate Abuja, NatureNews engaged with a cadre of horticulturists and florists, among whom was Mr. Timothy Onyekachi, the esteemed founder of Fun Garden and Services.

Mr. Onyekachi, a seasoned professional in the field with years of experience, underscored his primary focus on cultivating plants for commercial purposes.

During the interview, Mr. Onyekachi elucidated on the manifold advantages derived from plants.

He highlighted how certain plants, such as mint, oregano, and rosemary, not only serve as cooking spices but also possess medicinal properties, contributing to the regulation of blood pressure.

Additionally, he pointed out the efficacy of plants like the miracle plant in addressing intestinal issues, attracting individuals seeking these medicinal benefits.

Mr. Onyekachi emphasized the transformative impact of flowers on the surroundings, stating, “Flowers enhance the beauty of our surroundings. An environment devoid of trees and plants, especially during this season, is unattractive.”

He further emphasized that a vibrant environment has the power to uplift individuals emotionally and noted the role of plants in regulating weather temperature.

Reflecting on the past challenges faced by Abuja residents due to oppressive heat, Mr. Onyekachi credited the expertise and efforts of florists and horticulturists for transforming the cityscape. The once heat-stricken city is now adorned with an abundance of trees, plants, and flowers, creating a much more pleasant atmosphere.

He highlighted the dual role of these plants in not only enhancing aesthetic appeal but also acting as effective air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide released by humans.

Mr. Prince Monday, who ventured into the flower business in 2002 out of a profound passion for flowers, shared his perspective.

He emphasized how flowers contribute not only to a neat environment but also serve as functional decorations, providing fresh air, and adding uniqueness to homes.

Emmanuel Haruna, the manager at Gardeners Flowers in Abuja, shed light on the role of plants and flowers in providing shade, making the dry season more enjoyable for residents.

Simon Zachariah, another florist, highlighted diverse reasons behind the purchase of flowers, including the belief in their ability to bring good luck and their pleasant fragrance.

He also underscored the significant economic benefits derived from the flourishing business.

In essence, Abuja’s rapid embrace of horticulture and gardening is not merely a visual transformation but a holistic enhancement of the city’s well-being and environmental quality, thanks to the dedicated efforts of individuals like Mr. Onyekachi and others in the industry.



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