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48 vital lessons nature teaches her natives for fit and functioning


Many people in today’s world take nature for granted! They have a way of downplaying the vital lessons that nature teaches. They do these because they don’t see the instant repercussion on many occasions. Nature calls. Nature cries out- but in too many cases, it shout is neither discerned nor it voice deciphered by the various natives who should know better. We have seen people pay dearly for it as they ignore the call of nature. Know this- When the ‘nativity-naturalism’ or ‘naturalist-nativism’ relationship is covertly or overtly distorted, both parties suffer the consequences. Nature provides the springboard for everything the natives give to it for germination and multiplication. Nature could be mild, gentle and tender like considerate but never must you play to the gallery despising her capacity to strike in return for the misdeeds and gaps created – whether deliberately or not over time.

Ascertaining the seven lessons of nature

  1. The lessons of nature are first and foremost taught by the seen and the unseen realm within and around us. Showcase wisdom and demonstrate dexterity by hiding the teachings of nature. Ignoring such teachings is rocking one’s personal daily equilibrium. People teach it. Nature itself does a whole lot in teaching people both the negative and positive lessons of life… Do you have a listening ear? Then listen to all arguments, questions, and the succulent and silent voice of nature within and without. Be sensible!
  2. Nature lessons are also caught by men and other natives in the communities. Nature daily invites her natives to the place of knowledge that is applied to produce result. Nature has a way she gives away a cold shoulder to every native who shy away from her lessons. When you are supposed to catch a particular lesson but fail to comply, nature kicks! Be sensitive!
  3. Nature lessons are grave and must be bought into! Never play the Ostrich! Nature rewards everyone who buys into its space- whether internally or externally. Missing out on nature’s gentle teaching or appeals is appealing to nature to ventilate her anger. Nature’s pay day is definite across many platforms when heeded; pitfalls of unimaginable worth and proportion results when the natural order is flouted. Be plausible!
  4. Nature’s lessons are sought neatly and carefully. The oracle of nature is such a one whose authority may not be questioned or usurped. Trying to wangle one’s way through an omission is a decision that could be most regrettable. When and wherever the message of nature becomes unclear, effort must be made to seek it without wane. To pretend not to hear or subvert the succulent voice is to request for a gap of unavoidable violation or deep. Be adaptable!
  5. Many people in our world today have fought with nature and her appeals. No one begins a fight with nature and win in the end. Rebellion against nature may not attract a consequence in the short term but certainly may become obvious in the latter times. Never must one mistake the gentility of nature for stupidity whether in the long run or short run. Be positive!
  6. Nature’s lessons are a times wrought under the auspices of compulsion via energetic flow upon multiple platforms. As gentle as nature could be, certain works are wrought in human existence to demonstrate the veritable place of nature in the scheme of events. People die untimely when they cheat nature too frequently through the sponsoring of a lopsided lifestyle. Many people today rob Peter in order to pay Paul, not knowing the fact that nature has them both. Be habitable!
  7. Nature’s lessons never come to naught. When one fails to learn it in the immediate, they will certainly learn it afterwards. The need to make hay while the sun shines is a soft appeal to everyone who is fond of nullifying nature’s presentations due to certain dispositions. Many a time, people take and treat the lessons of nature with kid’s glove only to realize the futility of such exercise later. Be hospitable.

48 lessons of nature for every native to know and digest! It’s time to be assertive and never to pretend!!!

  1. Nothing exists without purpose. Find out the “why” for every what?
  2. Everything in nature and creature has its own inherent beauty. Discover articulation; put the behavioral complements to work in order to match.
  3. Nature inspires; a veritable source of inspiration is nature to all and sundry that cooperates with nature for sustenance.
  4. Nature teaches natives the attribute of “give and take” and vice versa. Expecting always to receive without giving back is a natural fraud!
  5. Nature hates vacuum; so never allow for vacuum in your life, process or procedure when relating with nature.
  6. Nature hates indifference, so be precise. Standing aloof or staying on the fence is a natural violation to the course of nature.
  7. Prevention is better than cure, says nature to her citizens; so do your own part to prevent rather than waiting to cure.  Cure therapy can be so pulsating and expensive.
  8. Nature teaches her natives lessons on protocols and procedures, so avoid unnecessary jump or the dump of her lessons all time. Never sponsor the creation of behavioral gaps or habitual loopholes
  9. Nature teaches her natives to cooperate with their respective areas of authorities. This is to instill harmony and decency of relationship
  10. Nature teaches her natives to align with integrity as a modal mark for veritable acceptability.
  11. Nature teaches her natives to engage their personal resources for the ultimate and altruistic responsibilities. This is the originality of life in display.
  12. Nature provokes discretion for sacrificial service. This is the beauty of expression upon multiple fashions.
  13. Nature teaches her natives to be sharp and dogged. The days of presumption and trial and error in critical matters of life are long over!
  14. Nature teaches her natives to be presentable. Men are either carrying and conveying worth for a registered presence or sink into oblivion
  15. Nature teaches her natives to cooperate with their inner abilities; this would forestall the possibilities of unhealthy rivalries.
  16. Nature teaches her natives speak up and out in order to find solution around her resources.
  17. Nature teaches her natives not to walk away from facts and figures just in an attempt to contradict the obvious and contravene the object of worth.
  18. Nature teaches her natives all the time to generate their own fire; superimposition posts a default for which a ‘photocopy’ may lack incentives.
  19. Nature teaches her natives how to close door on people gently; knowing that certain doors could damage great relationship when not handled well.
  20. Never make motion without movement says nature to all her citizens as natives. Cumbering the ground without transmutation is an aberration to nature.
  21. Teaches her natives to reproduce after its kind; so use what you have to reproduce after your sort and multiply your game in life.
  22. Nature teaches her natives to keep to the rule of nutrition and that of a balanced protocol.
  23. Nature teaches her natives to be sensitive to people around, society, and environment and to give in to all that it takes for fruit and flotation.
  24. Nature teaches her natives to grow vertically and horizontally, keeping the fire of relationship and responsibilities aglow is the penchant for harmony.
  25. Nature teaches all natives to expunge all waste, to release all toxic, so they don’t constitute a poison to themselves or others.
  26. Nature teaches her natives to take in resources in order to take out results as one respire and respond to issues.
  27. Nature teaches all her natives to operate within a time frame;conveying a succulent message that we don’t have all the time here, so the need to do the right thing at the right time for the right result is critical..
  28. Nature also teaches her natives to be adaptable as time and seasons happen, being amenable to change is never a sign of weakness.
  29. Nature teaches the native the place of orderliness and its organization; never live in disorderliness.
  30. Nature teaches her natives to face competition, so be ready to compete favorably and positively in every sphere of life. Engage your details as you play safe.
  31. Nature calls the entire native to variety; you can be one river but having multiple streams. Arise, find within and without your basic river and connect to your multiple streams of existence.
  32.  Nature teaches  her natives to remember to lift the poor and expose them to avenues for connection to who they and have for sustainability
  33. Even Karma law is integral in the lessons of nature. You will always reap what you so….says nature
  34. Deliberate creation is the hallmark of nature’s lesson to her citizens. You can always have it all if you follow the rule of the game.
  35. Nature has a way of benchmarking certain behaviors and activities of her natives. When you meet the required minimum for a bottom line, you are considered for connection that links your leverage to the much needed collection
  36. Nature abhors idleness; An idle man’s hand is the devil’s workshop!
  37.  Many accidents of life are preventable when we do the needful.
  38. Nature abhors mediocrity. Being an average man as they say is to vote for unnecessary competition across board.
  39. Nature forbids people who explain things away and give the reasons why it cannot be done. They are not only sabotaging their own efforts but violating a natural order
  40. Nature loathes men who are only reactive and not responsive. They operate on the lower rung of happenings not minding the questionable attachments to the same.
  41. Nature has a way of celebrating worthy ideals. She offers the required platforms for the showcase of outstanding results
  42. Nature restores audacity and authority after the experience of a loss. Nature says “no failure is final”
  43. Nature says “as long as there is breath in you, keeping on keeping on without regressing; for the journey of a thousand miles (according to a Chinese proverbs )begins with a step in the right direction”
  44. Nature says “I am incomplete without the supernatural; I derive my strength and security from the Everlasting Arms that pulsates my thrusts”
  45. Nature has a resonating response and reply to every request man asked her. There is never a dull moment with nature
  46. Nature offers dynamism to all her natives’ saying- “I offer you the template do the needful NOW to become relevant and needed”.
  47. Nature is never ungrateful to man and materiality. She is ever reproducing everything properly given to her to keep….Oh what a faithful custodian!
  48. Nature corresponds with the energy of her natives in order to manifest their desires on a platter of gold…..Nature oh nature, I cannot but sing of your splendor and candor; for your critical supports and supplies of abundance.


Do you intend to blend and bond with nature for its abundance as you manifest those desires? It is possible if you try!!!!!!! Connect with the voice of nature and heed the details with fun and fun fare as you tap into your fullness for the realization of a full blooded man of your sorts. Request for “Natives-Romancing-Nature for Optimal Productivity” Tool Kit from SABA Resources via james1kom@gmail.comCan you see something?

Connect with the abundance in waiting.Remember, the universe is always working for you and carries abundance for your vibration….To be continued

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