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Understanding And Managing The Leadership Behavioral Stretch Protocols; How NOT to cross the ‘red lines’ as a leader Part 1 ;

By James Komolafe, PhD


The concept of behavioral stretch is elusive to many. Giving certain critical fundamentals of the behavioral stretch protocols, one must be careful to operate within the available energy limit. Putting a bag of cement on a five year old in the natural would stretch him beyond his limit and may break his spine; cause some critical damages to his emotional and physical being. The Behavioral stretch is the gamut of all you do and undo within your attitudinal existence giving your various energy levels. Increased vibrations lead to more energy expenditure while reduced vibration curtails the usage of energy.

The 3 powers of personal alignment ( consignment….what you are; equipment…what you have  within and without for your relevant works and duties and assignment…what you do as a matter of life activities) must always keep in synch with one’s energy level per time otherwise, the unexpected could happen in both the medical and the behavioral health. 

Certain constants exist which one must never break by virtue of health protocols whilst some others are variables within the behavioral stretch bracket.  The breach of several behavioral stretch protocols on a frequent note is the direct results of ill health, disasters and many other nosedives within the aperture of the health imperatives. In effect, throwing caution to the wind as far as the behavioral health is concerned could cause some serious setbacks.

The concept of the Behavioral Stretch

In life, everything is energy! Giving your energy level, we vibrate on a daily basis in our realities (intuition) abilities (intellect) and activities (interactions). These 3 faculties have the capacity to stretch within their lower and upper limits based on internal and external factors. Everyone must learn to operate or oscillate within his personal elastic limit.

 The art and science of bubbling consciously and unconsciously within one’s behavioral limits is the behavioral stretch. It is the elastic emotional mobility giving your intuitive, intelligent and interactional maneuverings and manifestations. The behavioral gap describes the window of opportunity open to an individual to stretch within a behavioral manifestation.  It is the  spread deeper into oneself in order  to enjoy maximum expression.  When you go beyond limit, you break protocols which have several repercussions. As one stretches to cover up the remaining space within the stretch, you must never entertain an undue stress pain that is causing some health challenges. Operating beyond one’s capacity in the emotional and interactional existence would lead to certain unpalatable exigencies and that could even be fatal.

3 Possibilities in Behavioral Stretches

The behavioral stretch operates within three possibilities

The behavioral stretch describes the personal possibility curve of an individual. ….whether the learning curves or the earning curves among others. It is a scenario that describes the area of perfect fitness and functioning within an area network. All things being equal, the personal possibility curve is your environment for common day to day oscillation.  3 Possibilities are:

  1. It is a stretch beneath your lower bracket of the curve. This is underutilization or disuse of potentials due to so many factors. This is behaviorally unhealthy
  2. There is a stretch within the limit of the curve. It could be tendency towards the lower limit or the upper limits, depending on one’s emotional vibration. This position is behaviorally healthy!
  3. We also have the stretch beyond the behavioral gap. This is the death trap! ; Behaviorally unhealthy. It is a point where an individual bites more than he can chew. A point where exhaustion, sudden collapse and frequent bad stress occurs.  

 Please stay within your limits. Never abuse your behavioral gaps….never burn energy below or beyond it. …To be below, that is mediocrity (even while in very serious activities) to be beyond is deadly ( even when in less activities)…Activity alone  is no longer a great determinant of the behavioral stretch infringement. You may want to ask “but how do I know my limit and operate within it”?

Similitudes to the behavioral stretch beyond the limit

  1. A car on motion 120 km/p. h. suddenly runs out of fuel!; what could happen?  Discontinuity of journey
  2. An airplane (God forbid) across the continental waters loses the 2 engines or developing  communication or technical problems  due to unchecked protocols
  3. A driver of a high net worth organization travelling across Nigeria with for 3 consecutive days without sleep, no serious meals… just to meet up with a target! He would soon crash into subsidence.
  4. A workaholic who barely have time to attend to his personal statistics accumulating stress over a long period of time, running from one programme to another projects and trying to keep all appointments without the breaks!  He too would soon  crash.
  5. One in depression, thinking worthless, helpless, motionless and hopeless! It is a journey to the precipice!  A fall is imminent.

These 5 above would post a disastrous result when not quickly checked and arrested.

From the foregoing, a behavioral stretch that breaks the limit is not only injurious to the individual who is in the breach, it goes ahead to affect everyone travelling or transacting with him… Watch out for the 21 characteristics of the Behavioral stretch in the next edition.


To be forewarned now is to be forearmed. Join today in the crusade against sudden collapses. Let us personally launch a frontal attack on bad lifestyle, poor health culture and a general carefree behavior sponsoring the negative cause of poor health and hygienic practices. Take the SABA Resources test at least once in two months for free as you implement and integrate the result in self-adjustment and lifestyle overhaul. This exercise spell great wisdom for prevention as against the coming down in hypertension mode where people resort to the expensive curatives which may not eradicate the scourge;  Assess yourself monthly and keep your energy level at the optimum as you burn and build the four lanes of personal management. Be SABAwise now!!! Click the link and take it instant…. . Revert asap for interpretation and application.

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Dr. James Komolafe, PhD in Behavioral Health is Consultant Behaviorist /CEO, SABA Resources Psychosocial Intervention Hub… A multipurpose Centre for personal and organization wellness handling the GOOD (cases of definition)BAD( cases of violation) and the UGLY ( cases of deviation). Telephone 08035999220 YouTube Channel: James Komolafe Twitter@coachkomolafe

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