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Plantain and your home

By Obiabin Onukwugha

Plantain is an important staple crop, supplying up to 25% of the carbohydrates for approximately 70 million people in sub-Saharan Africa and around the globe.

They are also a good source of fiber, iron and zinc and help support the immune system.

Plantain contain potassium, which may lower blood pressure and vitamin B6, which is good for a healthy heart and mind.

Plantain can either be cooked, fried or roasted ripe or unripe. There are different ways of cooking plantain. It can be added to beans, cooked as porridge or pepper soup.

Plantain not only provides household food security, but also gainful employment to both rural and urban dwellers.

By owing a large plantation, you can become an employer of Labour; from clearing to planting, weeding and harvest and transporting them to the market.

This profitable vegetable can provide lots of income for farmers all year round.
Once planted, it can be harvested for years according to its maintenance.

Also, from suckers production to processing, the sector of plantain involves a lot of business opportunities for the youths and women.

Owing a mini plantain farm at your backyard is a great idea as it can provide you food and some little income once in a while.

However, owing a plantation gives you more food and income. It starts by identifying a good soil devoid of flooding. This is because this vegetable crop does not survive flood.

Getting good suckers is also important for great yield. There are different species of plantain and when buying suckers, ensure to get those with huge bunches. Their suckers are cheap and affordable for starters.

Planting plantain in the rainy season months of May, June, July and August can be beneficial to the growth of the plantain plants because of the abundance of rain. Plantain is a water hungry crop; it needs a lot of water for the yield to be high.

With rising cost of food items, owing a plantain plantation will not only save you some cost, it will give you lots od money. Currently, a two-in-on bunch of plantain is sold at N25,000 in Rivers State. So start a plantation today!


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