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Nature Life: Partridge And Nature

By Obiabin Onukwugha

A partridge is a medium-sized game bird in any of several genera, with a wide native distribution throughout parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, with several species introduced to the Americas.

Partridge is ground-dwelling birds that feature variable plumage colouration across species, with most tending to grey and brown.

Partridges are adaptable birds capable of short, powerful flights. Supposedly mindful of his fall, the bird does not build its nest in the trees and avoids high places.

They are highly social and mate for life.
Once a pair of partridges forms a bond, they typically stay together for life. They engage in courtship displays, such as elaborate dances and calls, to attract a mate.

Partridges are often seen in groups called coveys, especially during the non-breeding season. These coveys can consist of several individuals and provide safety in numbers.

Partridges have a varied diet that includes seeds, grains, insects, berries, and even small reptiles or amphibians. They use their strong beaks to forage for food on the ground.

During breeding, female partridges construct their nests on the ground, often well-hidden under vegetation. They use twigs, leaves, and grass to create a secure nest for their eggs.

They lay between 10 and 20 eggs (average 15 eggs per clutch) at one to two-day intervals. Incubation takes between 23-25 days and the chicks leave the nest within hours of hatching, while the hen remains in the nest for between 38 and 55 days.

Gray Partridges have short lives and high mortality rates. A Montana study revealed life expectancy for partridge to be 1.8 years for adults and the maximum age was 4 years.

Called “ọkwà in Igbo and “Àparò” in Yoruba, partridges z are mainly preyed on by foxes, mustelids, hawks, harriers and buzzards and humans.

Researchers note that Partridges demonstrate a remarkable ability to adapt to various habitats and climates. They can thrive in different regions, ranging from arid deserts to snowy mountainous areas.

Their flavorful meat makes them a sought-after game bird for culinary purposes.

Nutritionists say that Partridge has high nutritional value . It contains proteins, iron and selenium. It also has vitamin B and is a good source of potassium and magnesium. If combined with Vitamin E source, Partridges has the potential yo cure skin diseases associated with winter.

Partridges have often been referenced in folklore and literature, symbolizing various attributes such as fertility, protection, and perseverance. They have also appeared in stories, poems, and even on coats of arms.

In Greek folklore, the Partridge is believed to be a person transformed into a bird. This goes back to the legend of Perdix, who was turned into a Partridge in order to be saved from a fall.



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