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Morocco to Lead Green Hydrogen Revolution with Massive Land Allocation

By Faridat Salifu

Morocco is poised to take the lead in the global green hydrogen revolution with a groundbreaking commitment to allocate 2.5 million acres of land for pioneering energy projects.

This bold move underscores the country’s dedication to embracing clean energy solutions and signifies a significant step toward achieving its renewable energy targets.

Green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis converting water into hydrogen and oxygen, is gaining prominence as a clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

With the potential to power various modes of transportation such as trucks, ships, and planes, green hydrogen offers a sustainable solution to combatting climate change by reducing harmful emissions.

At the forefront of this initiative is Morocco’s impressive Ouarzazate Solar Power Station, the world’s largest solar power plant covering an area equivalent to 2500 hectares.

Despite the energy-intensive nature of the process, Morocco’s abundant sunlight resources position it as an ideal location for green hydrogen production, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

The first phase of green hydrogen production will encompass approximately 740,000 acres, with the Moroccan government offering incentives to investors interested in participating in fuel generation for both domestic and international markets.

This ambitious endeavor is expected to play a pivotal role in driving global energy transition efforts, as emphasized by the prime minister’s office.

Morocco’s commitment to renewable energy is already evident, with 37.6% of the country’s energy supply derived from solar, wind, and other clean technologies.

However, further ambitious plans are required to meet the target of renewables constituting 52% of all installed capacity by 2030.

Green hydrogen emerges as a key enabler in accelerating Morocco’s progress towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy landscape.


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