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FG Urged to Drive Waste-to-Feed Initiatives for Food Security

By Ojugbele Omotunde

The Federal and State Governments are under the spotlight, facing calls to institute policies facilitating the conversion of waste into animal feeds and energy.

This initiative, championed by Nigerian company Waste to Table, seeks to bolster local feed production, decrease farming costs, enhance agricultural output, and ultimately fortify food security across the nation.

Waste to Table is actively engaged in converting organic waste into animal feed, particularly for chickens, with promising results that include unique taste and cost-effectiveness.

Gregory Ohiaeri, the Managing Director of Waste to Table Limited and a waste-to-wealth expert, emphasizes that with appropriate legislation, Nigeria has the potential to transform organic waste into fertilizers, animal fodder, and methane gas for electricity generation, thus creating employment opportunities.

Having collaborated with the Lagos State government on waste management, Ohiaeri highlights the dire impact of soaring feed costs on small-scale farmers, leading to a contraction in the industry.

Poultry feed, priced at N14,500 per 25 kg, coupled with a broiler chicken cost of approximately N15,000 during the last Christmas season, poses a substantial financial challenge for farmers.

Laboratory testing at the Waste to Table organic waste conversion facility in Lagos revealed high-quality animal feed and fertilizers with elevated protein content.

Ohiaeri stresses the urgent need for authorities to address the issue, emphasizing that affordable food production hinges on resolving the cost of feed.

Waste to Table aims to franchise its operations across all federation states, contributing to efficient waste management and the conversion of waste into valuable agricultural products.

This expansion, Ohiaeri asserts, will generate significant job opportunities, particularly for youths involved in waste-to-wealth value chains.

However, he underscores the importance of government support to secure investors’ interests.

Operating currently in Lagos State, Waste to Table plans to extend its reach to other states by 2024.

Ohiaeri acknowledges the vast market for protein and animal feed but emphasizes the need for increased awareness regarding cost-efficient alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

The company envisions a future where waste becomes a valuable resource, contributing to both environmental sustainability and economic growth.



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