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Fact-check:Is the human faced fish real or fiction?

Rashidat Oladele

Claim:Can a fish have human facial features and exhibit human intelligence

On social media, a post is becoming viral. It was uploaded on January 18, precisely one week after the research was completed, by user @Bobbyboom88. In the video, he describes homo picis, or human-faced fish, an aquatic creature with fish and humans that is thought to live in the Keranji jungle. The lake that is home to these fish is known as the “samsahara.”Since then, the video has received 6379 bookmarks, 27.8k likes, 1392 comments, and 25.1k shares.
While many fans seem to think that fishes like that actually exist, comments on the video suggest that it may have been altered with artificial intelligence.
The user page, which can be found at is replete with videos showcasing a variety of claims, including supernatural happenings. With 9456 thousand followers, the person has enough clout to mislead potential followers.

This was fact-checked by NatureNews, Africa’s leading nature journal. The publication is dedicated to providing factual insights to prevent the spread of fake news, particularly among users of social media material.

Findings: In order to ascertain whether any studies or scientific comments concerning the assertion were accessible, NatureFact, the fact-checking division of NatureNews, conducted a Google search on the topic. The claim looks fictitious and lacks scientific evidence to support it. A 2019 article about a carp fish with human facial features that was found online was the only one that was accessible. The footage was taken by Chinese standbys .

“All of my material is original and created by me,” says Bobbyboom88’s TikTok bio.They already said that the, so I appreciate you following me. Claims that the location he stated in the video is in Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia were made by him.

Verdict: For those interested in learning more about aquatic animals, the claim is deceptive and untrue.

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