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Fact check: Walking Palm Trees in Latin America


Oladele Rashidat

Claim: Socratea Exorrhiza walks 20metres in a year


There is conjecture that walking palm trees exist in Latin America, according to an Instagram account with over 910,000 followers under the handle @intfact planet. The user claims to broadcast factual and puzzle videos.

The walking palm, also known as the cashapona or Socratea Exorrhiza, is a palm that is indigenous to tropical Central and South American jungles. Its maximum height is 25 meters, and its maximum stem diameter is 16 cm; however, its normal height is between 15 and 20 meters, with a diameter of 12 cm.

The purpose of its peculiar stilt roots has been a topic of discussion. On palms, a wide variety of epiphyte species have been observed growing. Beetles pollinate the palm, and their seeds or seedlings are consumed by a variety of creatures.

Since then, the post has received 26.9k shares, 75.k likes, and 358 comments.


Findings: NatureFact used Bing and the Google search tool to discover In accordance with nature and culture,or%20three%20centimeters%20per%20day.


The theory that Palm Trees walk or move in its literal form has not been proven possible

Verdict: False





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