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Fact check: Is Urine the best skincare treatment ?



Rashidat Oladele


Claim: Urine is the best skincare treatment


The claim that urine is the best facial moisturizer for skincare was made in a video posted on Instagram by @seanmikekelly, who has over 11.1 million followers. He claimed that the claim is supported by science, but the setup of the video gives the impression that the host is speaking with a guest, identified as “Jonathan Otto.”

He further claims that an ingredients in urine known as urea has anti-aging properties that absorbs into the skin leaving a youthful glow,The comments on the post is blowing up with different opinions from followers of the channel.


The video has since gotten 7,800,000 views;4,769 comments;214,000 share and 87,000 likes


Urine contains about 95% water, 2% urea, and trace amounts of minerals. Synthetic urea is used in skincare products due to its proven moisturizing, exfoliating, and antimicrobial properties. Human urine does not contain high enough concentrations of urea to be effective. Plus, human urine contains bacteria that can multiply on your skin, causing infection and exacerbating facial inflammation.



NatureNews, Africa’s foremost news publications which is dedicated to providing accurate insights to stop the spread of fake news particularly among users of social media, subjected the claim to fact checking.


Findings: Using the Google search tool in conducting this research, NatureFact, the fact checking unit of NatureNews, accessed a few papers and studies.




Verdict: False

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