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Fact-check: Does Palm oil serve as lubricant in automobiles?

According to a recent video shared on a website, a man poured a whole bottle of palm oil into the engine of his motorcycle and used it as a lubricant.

(watch video)” was the caption for the post.  Thomas Abioye. posted the item on November 2, 2023.  @victorinagd5 reposted the video, interested internet users have viewed it over 630k times. Findings: Palm oil is utilized as a lubricant in cars.

Claim:Palm oil is used a lubricant for automobile


NatureFact conducted research online and found no scientific evidence supporting the claim that palm oil is a safe and effective motorcycle lubricant. However, a 2013 An experimental study explored the use of palm oil as a biodegradable lubricant for 4-stroke CI engines. The study aimed to determine the suitable composition of a palm oil and mineral oil mixture for lubrication. The results indicated that the palm oil-based lubricant showed promising performance in terms of engine and emission performance.

 Another study investigated  looked into using palm oil as a base oil for an eco-friendly lubricant for small four-stroke motorcycle engines. The findings showed that the palm oil-based lubricating oil performed better in terms of wear, while the commercial oil performed better in terms of friction. However, the palm oil-based lubricant was more effective in reducing CO and hydrocarbon emissions. It’s important to note that these studies were conducted under specific conditions and may not apply to all engine types. To ensure engine longevity, it’s advisable to use a lubricant specifically designed for your vehicle. The study did not recommend using pure palm oil as a lubricant.

Verdict: Misleading

The claim that palm oil is used as a lubricant in motorcycles is Misleading. It is important to use the recommended lubricants for your motorcycle to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.


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