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Fact Check: Are Women more chronically sick than men ?

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Claim: Women are more chronically sick than men


A video post was made by @Theobergermann where he posted self-proclaimed health facts and wellness advice on Instagram He said that the reason women are more likely than men to suffer from chronic illness is that women’s immune systems always fall short of 20% of what is needed for the entire body during monthly menstruation, leaving the reproductive system vulnerable to infections that can lead to chronic illness. In contrast, a man’s body does not undergo any cycle, so women’s immune systems are constantly lowered to 80% during menstruation.

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NatureNews, Africa’s foremost news publications which is dedicated to providing accurate insights to stop the spread of fake news particularly among users of social media, subjected the claim to fact checking.


Findings: Using the Google search tool in conducting this research, NatureFact, the fact checking unit of NatureNews, accessed a few papers and studies.


“Some evidence suggests that sex hormones that fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle may influence the immune system. In a healthy system, it may mean a person will go through periods of higher and lower infection resistance. People with autoimmune diseases may notice disease activity changes throughout the month.


“The role of oestrogen, one of the main female sex hormones, is more complicated. Although generally oestrogen enhances immune responses, its levels vary during the menstrual cycle, are high in pregnancy and low after menopause.

“Post-ovulation, during the luteal phase, the progesterone in your body rises to prepare for your period when pregnancy doesn’t occur. This means your immune system’s defences drop, which leaves you more vulnerable to sickness.



Verdict :False, truly women may experience a drop in agility and immunity during meanstruatuon but there is no scientific prove that women are chronically sick than men some studies shows otherwise as it considers the genetic X chromosomes possess more immunity (900 to 55) which a female composite is xx and male xy .

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