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Earth Treasures: Tiger Iron

By Chisom Ibemere

Tiger Iron is a unique and powerful gemstone that is known for its striking patterns and colors. It is a combination of three minerals – Red Jasper, Hematite, and Golden Brown Tiger’s Eye.

The name “Tiger Iron” comes from the inclusion of Tiger’s Eye in the stone. It is believed to have originated in Australia, specifically in the Pilbara region.

Tiger Iron is primarily found in Australia, particularly in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Some deposits have also been discovered in South Africa and the United States. It is highly valued as a decorative stone and is used in jewelry making, such as in pendants, rings, and earrings.

It is often cut into cabochons to showcase its interesting patterns. Many people also use Tiger Iron for its metaphysical properties, as it is believed to promote grounding, stability, and balance.

Tiger Iron has a rich combination of colors, patterns, and textures. It typically exhibits bands of reddish-brown or reddish-orange (Red Jasper), silver-gray or black (Hematite), and golden-brown or yellow (Tiger’s Eye). The unique patterns and colors make each Tiger Iron stone unique. It has a Mohs hardness of around 7, making it quite durable.

The value of Tiger Iron varies depending on factors such as size, quality, and the market demand. Fine-quality Tiger Iron with vivid colors, distinct banding, and excellent polish can fetch higher prices.

The global value of Tiger Iron is not extensively documented, but it is considered a niche gemstone with a growing popularity.

Tiger Iron is a captivating gemstone that blends Red Jasper, Hematite, and Tiger’s Eye. It is primarily found in Australia, but occurrences have been recorded in South Africa and the United States.

Tiger Iron is used in jewelry making and also admired for its metaphysical properties. The global value of Tiger Iron varies, reflecting the uniqueness and market demand for this beautiful gemstone.

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