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Earth Treasures: Red Rutilated Quartz

By Chisom Ibemere

Red Rutilated Quartz, is also known as Rutile Quartz and Venus Hair Stone. It is a variation of Quartz with rutile inclusions, a mineral that forms needle-like crystals within Quartz, imparting the stone with unique color and patterns.

It is believed to have formed through geological processes involving the combination of Quartz and rutile minerals.

Red Rutilated Quartz can be found in numerous locations around the globe like Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States.

It occurs in veins or pockets within host rocks or as alluvial deposits. The rutile inclusions give the Quartz its distinctive red color, which can range from amber to deep red.

Red Rutilated Quartz is primarily used in jewelry production. Its unique appearance, with the reddish needles threaded through the crystal clear Quartz, makes it a popular choice for pendants, rings, bracelets, and other pieces of ornamental jewelry. It is also valued for its metaphysical properties.

Red Rutilated Quartz is a form of Quartz, known for its hardness and durability. It has a Mohs hardness of 7, making it suitable for jewelry that is meant to be worn regularly. The red rutile inclusions create a striking visual effect, resembling threads or strands within the clear Quartz. It is transparent to translucent and has a vitreous to greasy luster.

The value of Red Rutilated Quartz may be influenced by factors like color, clarity, the density and aesthetics of the rutile inclusions, and the stone quality. Red Rutilated Quartz with intense red color and well-defined rutile inclusions is generally more sought after and highly valuable.

However, like other gemstones, market demand, trends, and availability can also affect its global value. Professional evaluation is recommended to determine the specific worth of Red Rutilated Quartz.


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