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Commissioner Urges Vigilance Against Environmental Pollution

By Faridat Salifu

The Commissioner for Environment in Anambra State, Mr. Felix Odimegwu, has delivered a resolute message to the citizens regarding the pressing issue of environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution, encompassing the contamination of the natural environment by harmful substances or activities, poses threats to ecosystems, wildlife, and human health.

Odimegwu earnestly calls upon residents to abstain from activities that could contribute to such pollution.

In a recent official statement issued in Akwa, the capital of the state, Mr. Odimegwu emphasized the adverse effects of burning non-biodegradable materials, especially tires, on the environment.

Expressing concern over prevalent unhealthy environmental practices observed during the festive season, he urged the public to refrain from such activities for the collective well-being of the state.

Mr. Odimegwu underscored the environmental hazards associated with burning tires, highlighting the release of toxic pollutants during such activities that pose serious threats to human health, plant life, animal welfare, and aquatic ecosystems.

Furthermore, he drew attention to the detrimental impact of burning non-biodegradable materials on tarred roads, citing potential damage to the durability of road infrastructure.

The commissioner emphasized the link between tire burning and the initiation of potholes in urban areas, stressing the importance of preserving the integrity of the state’s road networks.

In a proactive measure, Mr. Odimegwu disclosed the deployment of a task force by the ministry to identify and apprehend individuals involved in environmentally detrimental practices. He issued a stark warning, stating that those found engaging in such activities would face arrest and prosecution in accordance with the law.

The commissioner’s call for environmental consciousness and responsible citizenship underscores the state government’s commitment to ensuring a clean and sustainable environment for all residents.

For any further inquiries or to report environmental violations, the public is encouraged to engage with the state’s environmental authorities for guidance and support.


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