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Climate change impacts worse than global terrorism, says Dr. Teri

By George George Idowu

A university academia Dr. Vahyala Adamu Teri has asserted that the effects of climate change are more devastating than global terrorism and urged Nigerians to plant more trees for a sustainable environment.

He said this during a one-day seminar organized by the Iliya Yame Kwace Foundation for Justice, Peace, and Development on Wednesday.

Dr. Teri emphasized that human actions have damaged the climate, leading to extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves, floods, landslides, droughts, and desertification.

According to him, these changes have exacerbated conflicts over resources, particularly between farmers and herders.

He highlighted the severe impacts of climate change, including displacement, migration, ozone layer depletion, and increased poverty due to job losses and resource scarcity.

Dr. Teri pointed out that climate-induced conflicts, especially in the Sahel region, have resulted in thousands of deaths and significant property destruction.

He cited the crisis in the Lake Chad region, where the lake’s size has drastically reduced from 26,000 square kilometres in the 1960s to just 1,500 square kilometres.

He said that to combat these challenges, he recommended measures such as planting more trees, preserving forests, stopping open grazing, and incorporating climate studies into educational curriculums at all levels.

He also urged governments to invest in tree planting, produce drought-resistant seedlings, and provide alternative energy sources.

Dr. Teri called for collective action to address the severe threat that climate change poses to peace, security, and livelihoods.

Similarly, Most Rev. Dr. Musa Panti Filibus, the event’s chairman, advocated for afforestation and reforestation to mitigate conflicts between farmers and herders.

He called for restoring degraded lands and expanding green cover to create sustainable ecosystems and natural boundaries.

On the part of a former commissioner of information and strategy in Adamawa, Dr. Ahmad Sajoh, who spoke at the seminar, stressed that peace requires social justice.

He criticized extreme social inequality in Nigeria and encouraged people to hold their leaders accountable.

Chairman of the foundation, Iliya Yame Kwace, highlighted the seminar’s goal of educating people on the benefits of tree planting, justice, and peace building.

He affirmed the organization’s commitment to tree planting to combat climate change.


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