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Banana Plantation: Aesthetic Appeal, Economic Sustenance in Kado Kuchi

By Grace Samuel

The Banana Plantation nestled in the scenic Kado Kuchi Extension of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, stands not only as a testament to environmental stewardship but also as a robust source of livelihood for the local community.

This verdant expanse of banana plants has significantly enhanced the beauty of the Kado Kuchi environment. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the plantation plays a crucial role in environmental conservation, embodying a powerhouse for sustainability.

During a recent visit to the plantation on Wednesday, November 30th, Nature News observed the positive impact it has had on the local surroundings.

One of the key environmental benefits is the prevention of soil erosion. The robust root system of the banana plants anchors the soil, reducing the risk of erosion and maintaining the integrity of the land.

Additionally, the plantation’s wide leaves act as effective windbreakers, shielding houses and buildings from potential storm and heavy wind disasters. This dual role, both as an aesthetic enhancer and a guardian against environmental hazards, showcases the plantation’s multifaceted contribution to the community.

Mr. Yunusa Zhagbe, the Galadiman Kado Kuchi, shared insights into the rich history of the farm, passed down through generations. Despite facing challenges related to investment and management, Zhagbe expressed determination in continuing the legacy.

“We have had this farm for many years; it passed on from one person to another, and today it’s my turn,” he remarked.

Highlighting the economic significance of the Banana Plantation, Zhagbe emphasized the profitability of banana cultivation.

“Bananas are very lucrative, even though they have been abandoned and neglected by some of our people,” he noted. Beyond being a delectable fruit, bananas are cultivated for both agricultural purposes and human consumption. For Zhagbe, as a family man, the plantation is a vital source of livelihood, providing a steady income for his household.

In conclusion, the Banana Plantation in Kado Kuchi Extension is not merely a picturesque landscape; it is a harmonious blend of environmental preservation and economic sustenance for the local community.

As it continues to stand resilient against challenges, the plantation remains a beacon of success and resilience in Abuja’s agricultural landscape.



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