UN Special Days

March 3

World Wildlife Day

March 21

International Day of Forests

March 22

World Water Day

March 23

World Meteorological Day

April 4

International Day of Human Space Flight

April 22

International Mother Earth Day

May 2

World Tuna Day

May 9

World Migratory Birds Day

May 20

World Bee Day

May 21

International Tea Day

May 22

International Day for Biological Diversity

June 5

World Environment Day

June 6

International Day for the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

June 7

World Food Safety Day

June 8

World Oceans Day

June 17

World Day to combat Desertification and drought

June 11

World Population Day

August 4

World Rangers Day

August 29

International Day against Nuclear Tests

September 7

International Day of Clear Air for Blue Skies

September 16

International Day of the preservation of Ozone layer

September 24

World Maritime Day

September 27

World Tourism Day

September 29

International Day for Awareness of food Loss and Waste

October 5

World Habitat Day

October 16

World Food Day (FAD)

October 31

World Cities Day

November 5

World Tsunami Awareness Day

November 6

International Day for Preventing the exploitation of the environment in armed conflict

November 19

World Toilet Day

December 5

World Soil Day

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