Environment Minister to Govs: You are stalling efforts on afforestation

The federal government has accused the state’s government of the ongoing deforestation across the nation and other groups who protect people that cut down trees, who involved in charcoal production.

The Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdulahi, disclosed this known on Thursday while speaking with newsmen at the State House, Abuja, disclosed that each time the federal government tried to move against the menace to save the environment, there was a push back at the sub national level on the ground that the trees belong to the states.

According to him, “No other administration has tackled this issue like the Buhari administration. The challenge we are facing under deforestation and charcoal is engaging the Nigerian Governors Forum because of the Land Use Act.

“The federal government is just a policy provider and doesn’t have that control over state government land to work out a modality which the Kaduna State government has keyed in properly.

“It has invested some hectares of land to plant and we are working with the local governments. So, we are projecting other states will follow suit.

“What we further did to have some level of control, apart from timber legal standards, we have what we call DFTA, which is essentially to track in areas where there is so much pressure on our forests.

“After tracking it, raise red flag and then engage those communities and the state governments so that a solution can be brought and have a level of arrest of the continuous challenge to our forest.

“What we did not tell you is that the activities of the people in the charcoal business with all due respect are being supported by a number of powerful people in the sub-national level. And if we try to do some level of enforcement, they will tell you, we own this territory, you are the federal government and you cannot enforce your rule and policy on us.

“So, that is part of the challenge in terms of controlling these activities. But in spite of this, the task force is still there, going after some of them on an ad hoc basis, trying to find out who and who is involved, who licensed who. We are doing our best to curb the situation.