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ACReSAL Project, Nurturing Climate Resilience Through Ecological Restoration

By Faridat Salifu

The ACReSAL project stands at the forefront of cultivating a robust vision for ecological restoration and the establishment of a climate-resilient community, aiming to address the pressing challenges of land and water degradation in Nigerian states.
The recent wrap-up session in Abuja underscored the project’s commitment to implementation support and accentuated the crucial inclusion of pastoralists in the peace-building committee.
This aligns with the project’s core focus on strengthening community capacity for sustainable natural resource use and management.
Acknowledging the intricate issues of land-use mismanagement and increasing climate vulnerability, the project initiated an institutional policy engagement meeting involving key ministries and stakeholders. The objective was to establish robust policies supporting sustainable landscape management practices and enhancing the capacity of government departments in data management and planning.
Special attention is given to the Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands, surface and groundwater resources of the Nigeria sector of Lake Chad Basin, and the formulation of guidelines for sustainable mining of minerals.
Recognizing the persistent competition over natural resources in Northern Nigeria leading to conflicts, the ACReSAL project strategically promotes initiatives fostering peaceful co-existence. This involves advocating for increased vegetative cover and sustainable natural resource management.
The project is equally committed to gender-inclusive initiatives empowering women within participating communities and culturally sensitive community engagements addressing local challenges and fostering trust.
The multifaceted approach integrates natural resource management, community engagement, and gender-inclusive strategies, contributing significantly to peaceful co-existence in Northern Nigeria. By creating inclusive committees and institutions rooted in local customs and practices, the project aspires to ensure its long-term success, impact, and sustainability.
Ultimately, the transformative policies and practices of the ACReSAL project are poised to address the root causes of conflict in the region, contributing to the welfare and prosperity of society at large. This holistic endeavor seeks to create a resilient and harmonious community, setting a positive trajectory for Northern Nigeria’s environmental and social landscape.

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