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Lapis Lazuli also called Lapis is a deep blue metamorphic rock that is popular as semi-precious stones. It was cherished among ancient civilizations of mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Rome. It was valued and priced for it’s exceptional colour.

Lapis lazuli means blue stone, it’s colour got artistic attention since ancient times. The Egyptians utilized it for making cosmetics. It is grounded to produce Ultramarine which are used for Skies and seas by Renaissance painters.

Lapis lazuli basically occurs in Crystalline marbles due to contact metamorphism and the finest form is gotten from northern Afghanistan. It is known to be one of the oldest of all gem and stretched back to 7,000 years. It is not so expensive but a rare gem and Opaque to the naked eye. It may occur in multi-kg sized pieces.

In recent times, Lapis lazuli are attributed with wisdom, love, healing and it improves cognitive ability. Basically, Lapis lazuli has been carved into inlays, tablets, beads, Cabochons and used in making Jewelry. It’s an exquisite carving equipment. It’s popular for the production of objects as bowls, dagger handles, hair combs, amulets and so on.

The oldest mine of Lapis lazuli is in Afghanistan and may be found in Chile, Colorado and in Burma’s Mogok stone tract. It can be enhanced by staining or dying, waxing and resin impregnation to improve the colour.

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