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Climate change in the global arena: its attendant effect in Africa; Nigeria in particular and the way forward

Delving into the periodic modifications of the earth which alters the natural ingredients of good health of the living, is a call for concern.

The Climate Change (CC) is affecting the health status of mankind and by extension, lives becomes vulnerable as a result of the change in the natural condition of the weather, land and the entire environment. Such threat sets in through the multiplicity of human activities which affects the essential ingredients of life, like air, water, land degradation etc.

Proliferation of industrial activities makes the ozone layer to deplete and even the seas and oceans became warm and this brings about the green house gases (Global warming). Also tree cuttings, deforestation, is one of the thing that causes CC because trees emits natural and healthy air most times, with fragrance necessary for sound living to living things. Trees generates some protective barrier against the heat from the sun and cutting them down affects this purpose. This is how the planet glaciers metamorphose and gets more acidic thereby making the sea level to rise, the ice caps to melt and other distortions sets into the environment. “This fast rate of warmer temperatures makes the ecosystem to have a negative effect on the climatic atmosphere. In other words, it talks about the fossils fuel, where the periodic modification of Earth’s climate brought about as a result of changes in the atmosphere as well as interactions between the atmosphere and various other geologic, chemical, biological, and geographic factors within the Earth system”.

The global warming greenhouse effect is a  hypothesis of global cooling which brought the Denmark marathon meeting that introduced the energy tax some years back. Here, it means that highly industrialized countries must pay more energy tax to fastrack, aid the means and system of cooling the ozone layer with the revenue generated. “This is because human activities can not be halted and the atmosphere is a dynamic fluid that is continually in motion”. Both its physical properties and its rate and direction of motion are influenced by a variety of factors, including solar radiation, the geographic position of continents, ocean currents, the location and orientation of mountain ranges, atmospheric chemistry, and vegetation growing on the land surface. All these factors change with time. Some factors, such as the distribution of heat within the oceans, atmospheric chemistry, and surface vegetation, change at very short timescales. Others, such as the position of continents and the location and height of mountain ranges, change over very long timescales. Therefore, climate, which results from the physical properties and motion of the atmosphere, varies at every conceivable time bound. Scientist believed that gases play an important role in climate change and the need to manage it, is key to favor the environment for quality living, since the weather is always changing in a very real sense, climate variation is a redundant expression because climate is always varying. Comparing segments of years you will discover that isn’t any two years that are exactly identical, nor are any two decades, neither centuries, or any two millennia.

The concept of climatic variation and change within the set of integrated natural features and processes is known as the Earth system. “The nature of the evidence for climate change is explained, as are the principal mechanisms that have caused climate change throughout the history of Earth”.

Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change impacts under all climatic scenarios above 1.5 degrees Celsius. Despite having contributed the least to global warming and having the lowest emissions, Africa faces exponential collateral damage, posing systemic risks to its economies, infrastructure investments, land, water and food systems, public health, agriculture, and livelihoods, threatening to undo its modest development gains and slip into higher levels of extreme poverty. The following factors contribute to Africa’s vulnerability:

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