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AMANO suggests 100 years port plan

The Alumni Association of Maritime AMANO has suggested a 100 years port development plan that will continue to respond to the dynamic nature of Nigeria’s port industry.

President of the group, Mr Emmanuel Maiguwa, said that if such a port development plan is put in place, it will move the industry forward for growth.

Maiguwa also said that a system of incentive on port fees suitable to operate coastal and inland container cargo vessels must be put in a place to make shipowners begin to look at the possibilities of owning freighters.

According to him, freighter vessels contribute more to creating dock labour employment opportunities in the maritime labour industry.

The group also commended the management of the Nigerian Ports Authority for its newly initiated electronic call-up system for trucks into the ports saying, “if well implemented, the initiative will temporarily reduce traffic congestion in our ports.”

He suggested that a minimum standard be set up for trucks coming into the ports noting that some rickety trucks are worse than junkyards scraps.

“It is for this simple reason of road unworthiness that they eventually breakdown on their way in and out of the port and cause congestion on the port access roads. If this is not addressed, it would mess up the electronic call-up system”, he said.

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